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2015 Submissions

Into the Abyss Cinematic Song
Downfall (of a King) Cinematic Song
Legend of Zelda - Main Theme (Rock/Orch Arrangement) Video Game Song
Rebellion Cinematic Song
Fate Video Game Song
By the Law of Fire Cinematic Song
Departure (of a King) Cinematic Song
Zeta Prototype Video Game Song
Emergence (of a King) Cinematic Song
Resurrection Cinematic Song
Aura General Rock Song
N.W.O Cinematic Song

2014 Submissions

Dr. Wily's Castle (Arnmt) Video Game Song
He who Bears no Name Cinematic Song
Together we Ride (to Victory) Video Game Song
Blue Haired Devil Video Game Song
Last Stand (Tabuu's Theme) Video Game Song
Empowered Video Game Song
Gunslinger General Rock Song
No More Heroes Cinematic Song
Iron Made Cinematic Song
From the Earth Cinematic Song
Born in Fire Heavy Metal Song
In our Place Cinematic Song
Clash at World's End Heavy Metal Song
Phosphorescent Glow Jazz Song
OPC Industrial Song

2013 Submissions

Rising Heavy Metal Song
Brothers Heavy Metal Song
Return to Cinematic Song
Dance of Storms Heavy Metal Song
The Beast will Roar Heavy Metal Song
Northwind Heavy Metal Song

2012 Submissions

Sunless Dawn Heavy Metal Song
Heart of Fire General Rock Song
Drawn by Light General Rock Song
HighRider General Rock Song
ReEvolution Video Game Song
The Great War Heavy Metal Song
Knight Will (Orchestral) Classical Song
The Will of a Knight General Rock Song
The Storm Heavy Metal Song
The Final Showdown Video Game Song