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Happy New Year and Vacation Time!

1/1/13 by Braiton

Happy new year guys! It's now 2013 and the world hasn't ended (yaayy).

I never gave myself any resolutions so I won't start now. But I will go on vacation during this January to take a short break from everything that's happened during the whole year. I'll have some new stuff to upload when I get back and hopefully I'll finally finish the album I've been working on since August.

So that's that.


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Can't wait 'til your next work. Cheers. :)

1/13/13 Braiton responds:

I'll be back the 22nd or the 23rd so I guess I'll get to work then ;)

Happy new years dude and yes the world didn't end once again just like Y2K 6/6/6 and many others haha
enjoy your vacation and best of luck with the album, looking forward to hearing it!

1/2/13 Braiton responds:

Thanks mate!