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NGADM and other stuff.

7/31/13 by Braiton
Updated 8/1/13

So I got into this years NGADM and after much work I'm done with my round 1 submission which you can find here..

Also, since it's been a long time since I last did it, I recorded myself playing the guitar parts for said song. If you'd like to watch the video because you want to see how I play or simply what I look like, you can do so by looking just down below this text

I'll be uploading more videos as time passes as well as other stuff such as backing tracks made from dropped projects so if you want to keep updated subscribe.

I'll also be working on some other projects for the time being.


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Mmmmmm that 9 series rg is so premium!!! (see wut i did thur)
Beautiful playing man!!

8/23/13 (Updated 8/23/13) Braiton responds:

i see wut u did thur :d

Thanks Rob!