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Unfinished Projects, Backing Tracks & Other Stuff

2013-08-25 20:29:10 by Braiton

Just a small update concerning other things outside of NG, but thought some of you might find interesting. As many of you know, lots of us musicians have lots of unfinished projects and shit like that lying around. So instead of letting it go to waste I'm releasing an old track of mine as a backing track so that anyone can get the best out of it, especially if you want to jam around.

You can find said track on the embedded video down below.

/* */
I also thought it'd be a good idea to repeat this in the future so if you'd like to know of future backing tracks or you are just a guitar enthusiast, subscribe to my youtube channel, since that's where I'll be uploading them.

I've also been busy with other side projects that I probably can't talk about right now. But since I've been neglecting other sites like Soundcloud I decided to do something in my free time and upload it there, you know, to make it not so dead and spread some equal love.
Anyway, said new track is nothing but some good ol' blues where I fiddle around with my guitars (I think this if the first time where I barely use any distorion on them :d), make small improvisations on organs and related (yeah). If you'd like to listen to it (you can also download the track over there) click here and if you have a Soundcloud account and would like to follow me (in case I decided to do some shit like this again) you are free to do so :d

And I think that's all.


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2013-08-25 20:51:09

This explains my whole life lmao

Braiton responds:

I know right


2013-08-27 12:27:46

dude when will you release a new album Voidal Games was off the god damn hook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!